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Q: Is Spencer boldman ticklish
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Who is Spencer boldman?

Spencer boldman is dating debby ryan -

Who is Spencer boldman dating?


Is Spencer boldman debby ryans boyfriend?

It was rumored that Spencer Boldman and Debby Ryan were dating but they deny this and state Spencer is not her boyfriend.

How old is Spencer Boldman?

Spencer Boldman is 24 years old (born July 28, 1992).

What color hair does Spencer Boldman have He has Dark Brown Hair?

Yes, Spencer Boldman's hair color is dark brown. Spencer Boldman is an actor who is best known for his role in the TV series 'Lab Rats'.

Does Spencer boldman smoke cigarettes?

Sometimes, he

What is Spencer Boldman's phone number?


Is Spencer boldman dating Debby Ryan?


Is Spencer Boldman dating anyone?

no he's single

Is Spencer boldman dating?

yes he is dating stacy dauz

Are Spencer Boldman and Zendaya dating?

no in the movie they were just acting

What year was Spencer boldman born in?

1992 so in 2012 he Is 19.