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Yes, Mainly because they use codes that cause the game to glitch or have an error, such as cheating for a complete Pokedex is simply making the game glitch, and giving you a full pokedex, and if saved, the glitch lasts forever and it stays with a complete pokedex. Most games have a program that if targeted by a true code, rather than an "Error" code to shake violently causing a crash. Codebreaker is considered both illegal and legal because they truly "Hack" and "Glitch" depending on the code. Hope this helped!

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Yes, an Action Replay is perfectly legal. It does not let you use pirated games, such as the illegal R4DS, it only lets you cheat. However, it may void your warranty.

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Yes it is safe,

But it is possible that you could mess up your game.

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Not at all they sell them at Game Stop and its just another way to cheat on games.

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Q: Is an Action Replay legal
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