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yes,but the game is hard.

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yes but episode 9 is coming soon

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Q: Is it true on newgrounds there's sonic rpg eps9?
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What is the true story about Sonic the Hedgehog?

what do you mean by true story? he's sonic the hedgehog and that's about all there is to it

Where do you get the srb2 true hyper sonic wad?

type in google hyper sonic wad

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Is Sonic true?

yes and if you believe it he will love you

Who is Sonic the Hedgehog's true 1 fan?

The Sonic team theirselves :) They know everything about him, love him, care for him.

Who is faster sonic or dash?

Obviously Sonic. cuz he's faster than the speed of sound. so its Sonic the Hedgehog, the true in blue we all know and love.

Is shadow a villan in all sonic games?

no thats not true

Is it true that Sonic the Hedgehog will have a movie out in thearters in a couple of years?

I've heard that from IGN. Its about Sonic finally finding his mother.

The cheat to get super Sonic in Sonic advance 3?

Collect all the Chaos Emeralds, and beat the game normally with Sonic as the leader. You can only be Super Sonic in the true final boss (the extra boss). There is no cheat to make Sonic super in normal levels.

How old is storm from sonic rider?

He is 19 year old (true)

Is true a sonic adventure 3 come later?

unlikely as there is sonic heroes, shadow, sonic 06 and more... so while many of the games are just the continued storyline, they will not be called sonic adventure 3, 4 etc