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no because Austin isn't his real last name its szymanski so no one in his family has the last name of Austin

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Q: Is it true that Jake Austin has a cousin name Samantha Austin?
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What is Jake t Austin msn?

Hi my name Samantha Jagoeand i no Jake T Austin MSN because He is going out with my best friendso that is that

What is Jake t Austin full name?

Jake T. Austin full name is Jake Toranzo Austin Szymanski Rodríguez LOL:D

Who is Jake szymanski?

Jake szymanski is Jake Austin his name is Jake toronzo Austin szyanski

What is Jake t Austin real name?

Jake Toranzo Austin Szymanski

What Jake t austins middle name?

Jake t Austin's toranzo his full name is Jake toranzo Austin Szymanski

What does the T stand for in Jake T Austin's name?

His full name is Jake Toranzo Austin Szymanski

Jake t austin's real middle name?

Jake Toranzo Austin or Jake Toranzo Szymanski

Is Rico from hannahmontanna Jake t Austin's cousin?

no! Moises arias is ricos name. rico is not apart of the Jonas brothers

What is Jake T Austin's sisters name?

Jake T. Austin's sisters name is either Eva or Ava!

What is Jake t Austin's name in Hotel for Dogs?

Jake t Austin's name in hotel for dogs is Bruce

What is Jake T Austin ooVoo screen name?

Jake T Austin oovo,s screen name

Max's real name on wizards of a Waverly place?

His real name is Jake .T. Austin.