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As of August 2012, JWoww and Roger are still together.

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Q: Is jwoww dating roger
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Is jwoww dating anyone?

Yes , Roger .

What is jwoww boyfriend name?


Do jwoww and pauly d like each other?

In season 1 the two did make out and fool around. But the romance did not progress. As of now jwoww is dating her friend roger.

How old is JWoww's boyfriend Roger?

Roger Mathews was born June 1, 1975. He is 11 years older than Jwoww (born February 27, 1986). The two were married on October 18, 2015.

Is jwoww from snooki and jwoww Engaged?


Who is hotter jwoww or snooki?

jwoww have you seen that body 8)

Who is roger moris?

A dating scammer

What is jwoww's first name from the jeresy shore?

JWoww's first name is Jenni.

Is jwoww Italian?


What is Jwoww's last name?

JWoww is the nickname of Jennifer "Jenni" Farley (born February 20, 1986), known for her appearance in Jersey Shore (2009-2012) and Snooki & JWoww (2012-2014).

Is jwoww having a baby?


Is jwoww pregnant?