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yes because they're so sweet even when not in taping

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Q: Is kim bum married in real life?
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Who is the real life boyfriend of kim so eun?

kim bum

Who is the real girlfriend of kim bum in real life this year 2013?

yoo he yi

Who is the real crush of kim bum?

You !!

Can bum kim really play saxophone in real life?

yeah because he to much of a bum to stand up and play the drum

Are Kim bum and Kim so eun are real life sweetheart?

yes,because they are meant for each other.bagay na bagay cla at sila naman talaga in real life eh!!!

Who is real girl friend of kim bum?

Kim So Eun

What is the role of sandara park in kim bum's life?

about 25!!

How tall is Bum Kim?

Bum Kim is 181 cm.

What is the birth name of Bum Kim?

Bum Kim's birth name is Kim Sang Bum.

Who is the boyfriend of kim so eun in real life?

I hope is KIM BUM because they're are so perfect for each other.

Is kim bum's real girlfriend is so-eun?

i think no because they have the same surname.