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Spell cards and Magic cards are the same. The reason for the confusion is because Magic cards were changed to Spell cards during the release of Magician's Force.

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Q: Is magic cards spell cards the same thing?
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In yugioh can you use a magic card or do you have to use spell card?

they are the same the more moder cards are spell cards and the older cards are magic cards they are both useable

Are magic and spell cards the same in Yu-Gi-Oh TGC?

Yes, they are. Back around the time when the game was first released, green bordered cards were called Magic Cards. However this term is actually a trademark belonging to Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Magic the Gathering. Since both products are a similar nature, this infringed on the trademark, so Konami changed Magic Card to Spell Card, then Magic Ruler to Spell Ruler. In game terms, Magic Card and Spell Card are totally interchangable, different names for the same thing. If something instructs you to affect a Magic Card, it will apply to Spell Cards too, and vice versa.

Are 'De-Spell' 'Cursebreaker' and 'Magic Cancellation' in Yu-Gi-Oh the same cards?

'Magic Cancellation' is the literal Japanese name for the video game-only card known as Cursebreaker in English. Despite having an almost identical picture to the genuine spell card De-Spell, the two cards are not the same thing. De-Spell is a Normal Spell card that destroys one Spell Card on the field, Cursebreaker is a Quickplay that negates other spell card activations on the same chain.

How are a Magic and a Spell card different?

Magic cards is just the old name for Spellcards, but both types follow the exact same rules.

Are spells the same as magic cards in Yu-Gi-Oh?

They are the same thing, Konami just changed the name.

Are illusions and magic the same thing?

Illusions and magic are the same thing. "Magic" is how we witches spell out stage-magic. It's used to cheat people, and it's not actual magick. It's tricks and, as you said, illusions.Illusions and magicK are NOT the same thing. Illusions are magic - stage-magic, tricks and so on and so forth. Magick is related to the Earth, and to changing things that are already moving in a certain direction. There's really nothing supernatural about it. Well, not as much as most people think, anyway.Another thoughtMany of us who have practiced Magic for years do not use the "k" in Magic. We simply differentiate the illusion or stage magic from the practice of Magic by capitalizing.

Are quick play spells faster than trap cards?

Quick-play Spell cards are Spell Speed 2, so are the same speed as all Trap cards except for Counter Trap cards which are Spell Speed 3.

Are tarot cards and gypsy oracle cards the same thing?


Is a liter the same thing as a liter?

Yes it is. Europeans will commonly spell it litre while Americans spell it liter. They are the same thing though.

Can 'Five-Headed Dragon' be affected by spell cards?

Five-Headed Dragon has absolutely no protection against Spell Cards. They affect him the same as any other monster.

Are store cards and credit cards classed as the same thing on a credit file?


What is the strongest mage spell in RuneScape?

The strongest Magic spell is Ice Barrage ( Level 93 Magic ), This will freeze the targest for around 20 seconds whilst dealing 28 Max damage at the same time.