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yes the movie Soul Surfer is on Netflix

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Q: Is soul surfer on Netflix
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Where do you find soul surfer on demand?

It's been out forever and they will never show it same with Netflix

Is soul surfer a novel?

Yes, Soul Surfer is Bethany Hamilton's autobiography.

What was the Production Budget for Soul Surfer?

The Production Budget for Soul Surfer was $18,000,000.

Who plays Alana in Soul Surfer?

Lorraine Nicholson plays Alana in soul surfer.

When was soul surfer published?

Soul Surfer was released in mid-2004, nearly one year after the attack

How much money did Soul Surfer gross domestically?

Soul Surfer grossed $43,853,424 in the domestic market.

Should I see Rio the movie or Soul Surfer?

I'd suggest Soul Surfer. It's alot more interesting, it depends how old you are and what your interested in. But Soul Surfer would definantly be my first choice.

Will there be a soul surfer 2?

Yes. There is going to be a Soul Surfer 2. In 2014. Just heard it from Bethany Hamilton herself.

Was Carrie Underwood in soul surfer?

Yes, Carrie Underwood plays the Youth Pastor "Sarah" in Soul Surfer (2011)

Where was the movie Soul Surfer filmed?

The movie "Soul Surfer" (2011) was filmed on Oahu and Kauai in Hawaii.

Who illustrated the book Soul Surfer?


Does soul surfer have bad words?