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Q: Is their a thing where you can type words on the computer and a celeb can sing them?
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What was Pocahontas' favorite thing to do?

Pocahontas' favorite thing to do is sing and dance

What can cause misinterpretation of communication?

Words which sound alike, for example: - Think, Thing or Sing, Ring and so forth...

Words that rhymes with king?

sing, wing, ring, thing, thin, kin... basically anything that ends with 'ing' or 'in'.

How can you sing karaoke from your computer?

You can use Sing Snap website to sing karaoke using your computer. Sing On is another popular karaoke website. You could also search YouTube for karaoke versions of songs and sing along with it.

What is cimorelli's favorite thing to do?

Sing. They love to sing

Does Lady Gaga stink at her music?

no, lady gaga is a good singer and can sing live. with any celeb isn't it always good when they sing live you are there to see them not to juge them they r all talented otherwise they would not have a record out. lol

What rhymes with Ling Ling?

sing or ping or king sing, ring, ding, cling, thing, bling-bling

What song does an emperor penguin sing?

they do not sing any thing

Does Jeff hardy sing no more words?

no Jeff doesn't sing no more words

When was Words That Sing Well created?

Words That Sing Well was created in 2011-01.

How do you upload songs to a computer?

You sing to it.

Does kelly breeding sing?

Yes he can sing. but his better thing is to rap