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Q: Is there any evidence of a Bruce Lee vs Muhammad ali fight?
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Did Bruce Lee ever call out Muhammad Ali for a movie fight scene?

yeah why not

Who would win in a fight between Bruce Lee and jet lee?

bruce lee

Who would win in a fight Bruce Lee-van dam?

Bruce Lee.

Who would win in a street fight Bruce Lee or Jet Li?

Bruce lee

Who would win in a fight between Mr T and Bruce Lee?

Are u dumb.... Bruce will ride his a$$... Bruce Lee

What are opinions on who would win a fight between Jet Li and Bruce Lee?

Bruce lee would

Who would win in a fight- Bruce Lee in a panda suit or Myrel Streep with a baseball bat?

Bruce Lee in a panda suit. Bruce Lee would one inch punch him to death.

Did Bruce Lee fight a demon?

No. Unless there is a film in which he does so.

How did Bruce Lee kill Chuck Norris?

In the movie that they fought in, Bruce Lee is shown breaking Chuck's neck after a fairly long fight.

Who does Chuck Norris fight in the final dual in the movie Way of the Dragon and what is the outcome?

He fights with Bruce Lee in the Colloseum in Rome. It is a fairly even fight, but Bruce Lee wins, killing Chuck.

Who would win in a fight Bruce Lee or Jesus?

Jesus because Beruce Lee died. :(

Who would win in a fight Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali?

Bruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali would be an interesting match up. Ali is one of the greatest boxers of all time, and Lee was an extraordinary martial artist. The edge would probably go to Ali, due to his experience in actual fights. ESPN listed Ali as the second greatest fighter in the history of boxing.