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Vickie Guerrero is Eddie Guerrero's widow.

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Q: Is vicki Guerrero remarried
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Vicki Hopps is 5'5" (165cm).

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How do you become a fan of Stephanie McMahon?

i want to beome a fan of stephanie mcmahon and i want to be in a part of board of directors i want to join the authority for monday night raw she fried the big show and vicki guerrero i love stephanie mcmahon attitude

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Is Vicki Guerrero married now?

No Vickie has not remarried since Eddies death

Is Vicki Guerrero related to Vicky Lawrence?

I think they are

Is vicki Guerrero really dating with edge?

No this is storyline only

Is edge really married to vicki Guerrero?

no edge is married with children

Do Eddie Guerrero love chyna?

Eddie Guerrero never dated Chyna in real life, that was an on screen relationship, Eddie Guerrero was married to Vicki Guerrero in real life all the way up to his death.

Has Kelly Kelly been fired from the WWE?

No, she has not. Her being fired by Vicki Guerrero was kayfabe (fake).

How old is Vicki Williams wrestler?

Vickie Lynn Benson (formerly Vickie Guerrero) is 49 years old (birthdate: April 16, 1968).

Who is going to be the general manager of raw while Vicki Guerrero quit?

stephanie, shane, vince or possibly mike adamle

Who is Vicki guerero?

actually it's vickie guerrero. she is a former wwe employee who says 'EXXUSE ME!!'and weighs at least 175 lbs

Does big show a wife?

no cause now he has been kissing vicki Guerrero

Which Mexican-american wrestler die?

Eddie Guerrero was a Mexican-American professional wrestler from El Paso, Texas who wrestled in WcW, EcW, and WWE. He died on November 13, 2005.He leaves behind a wife who currently is a WWE manager named Vicki Guerrero, two daughters, one who is a wrestler named Shaul Guerrero, a nephew who is a wrestler named Chavo Guerrero, and several other family members.

Who is viccki gurrero dating outside WWE?

actually, vickie Guerrero is the rated r superstar's fiance June 30 2008 Vicki isn't dating anyone, the deal with Edge is storyline.