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Q: Name something people associated with Rodney Dangerfield?
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What are some nicknames for Rodney?

Rod. Since this is my name, you'd think I had the answer of a more common short name or nickname for Rodney but that's why I'm here, after all. I was curious if there was another nickname, maybe used more widely in other countries or something. I doubt this counts but my friends often just substitute famous people for a nickname and call me: Rodney Dangerfield, Rodney King, Rod Stewart, etc.

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What happened to Rodney Blackwell?

This question cannot be answered. There are many people named Rodney Blackwell in the world.

Is Rodney dangerfield Jewish?

Yes. Dangerfield's technique of humor can be referred to as Jewish humor for many reasons. Although he didn't specifically refer to Judaism, his character continually complains about the pain in his life. In "The Genius of the Jewish Joke," Berger explains that the initial reason for why the Jews are such a comedic people is that historically Jews have suffered the more than most ethnic groups, "The Holocaust lingers in the background, reminding Jews that they never can be secure, and many Jews experience discrimination and anti-Semitism"(37).

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Its these are my people by Rodney Atkins

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