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Yes because of two reasons: 1 is that Pokemon don't go higher than lv 100. 2 is that I got the same thing.When I looked it up they said it was a misprint. It was supposed to be lv 59.

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Q: Nidoking Lv 598 Card from the Platinum Pokemon Set Is this an error of some sort?
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Is the membership card in Pokemon platinum transferable to Pokemon pearl?

I don't think so.

How do you get the point card in Pokemon platinum?

as you enter the battle frontier, a lady will stop you and give you the point card.

How do you get different colours for your trainer card in Pokemon platinum?

Catch a certain amount of Pokemon and defeat the elite four to change your card from copper to bronze to silver then gold.

Where can you download Pokemon card game?

Pokemon Platinum is not available for free download. Pokemon Platinum is exclusively available on the Nintendo DS in the form of a game cartridge.

I lost my Pokemon platinum i want to get a new one but i don't know if it saves to game card or system?

sorry dude it save in the game card