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Koji likes Zoe by secret

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Q: On Digimon frontier who does koji like?
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Does koji like Zoe?

koji never liked zoe....he is just being a nice friend to her

On which episode of digimon frontier does koji confess his love to Zoe?

he doesnt, takuya kind of does.... but i know, not the same as koji:(

Is Koji Minamoto in any other Digimon besides Digimon frontier?

Uh... no. Although, I do believe I saw him in the background in one episode of Digimon Tamers.

Who made the Digimon theme?

Well, the opening theme song for Digimon Adventure is; lyrics by Iko Chiwata, their arragement Cher Watanable and the artist Koji Wada. I think all the seasons openings' are the artist Koji Wada.

Does takuya like Zoe?

Actually, The Makers Of Digimon Frontier Didn't Continue There Show When They Grew Older.. They More ON Focus of How Takuya And Zoe Fall In Love.. And To All Fans Of Takuya And Zoe: They Didn't Get Married At All..!!..

What is the duration of Digimon Frontier?

The duration of Digimon Frontier is 2400.0 seconds.

Is Digimon season 4 the same show as Digimon Frontier show?

Yes, Season 4 of "Digimon" is the same as Digimon Frontier, "Digimon Frontier" is just the name that most Japanese fans refer to the show as.

Do Koji Minamoto and Zoe Orimoto fall in love in Digimon?

sorry they do not fall in love in digimon

What are the digivices called in Digimon frontier?

The name for the Digivices in "Digimon Frontier" are D-Tectors.

What is the name of the music when they transform in digimon frontier?

The evolution theme in Digimon Frontier is called 'With the Will'.

What comes after Digimon Frontier?

Digimon data squad or digimon saviors

Which episode of Digimon frontier appers takato?

In Digimon frontier I don't remember Takato being there.