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You get the HM Surf from a lady in the Celestic Town Shrine at the back with the markings after you give her the Old Charm. You will need to defeat the Galactic Grunt who is blocking the cave entrance to enter.

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In Fuchsia City, get to the end of the safari game. You will find a house. Walk into it and the man inside will give you the HM 3 Surf.

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Q: On Pokemon Yellow where do you get HM surf?
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How do you get to cinnabar in Pokemon HeartGold?

You get HM Surf and surf there

How do you learn the HM surf in Pokemon Tower Defense 2?

You learn the HM surf in Pokemon Tower of Defense 2 when Gary gives it to you during Viridian Ending.

Is it possible to make the move surf on Pokemon diamond unlimited?

surf is a hm. It is unlimited.

Wre to get the hm surf on Pokemon pearl version?

in the safari zone

Swawnpert will not forget surf. How do you make Pokemon forget an HM if it is refusing to forget?

Pokemon cannot forget HM's unless they're in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. But, if its from Emerald, add another Pokemon to your party that knows surf and ask the move deleter.

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How do you teach surf in Pokemon Yellow?

You need a water Pokemon and the surf HM

What hm number is surf in Pokemon platinum?

Surf is HM #3. :-)

What is gold teeth in Pokemon Yellow?

Gold teeth are used to obtain the HM Surf. The teeth are given to the warden at the end of Safari Zone, and in return he will give you the HM Surf.

Where is surf in Pokemon Yellow?

When you find the Gold Teeth in the Kanto Safari Zone, give it to the man in the house all the way north from the Safari Zone. He will give you HM Surf for the Gold Teeth.then you will have your HM surf

How do you learn surf on Pokemon platinum?

Get the HM Surf then teach it to a pokemon.

How do you get the move surf in Pokemon Yellow?

Hm 03 is located in the safari zone, in the back of Fuscia city.

How do you get to cinnabar in Pokemon HeartGold?

You get HM Surf and surf there

Where is waterfall in Pokemon Yellow?

To my knowledge i don't think there is a waterfall in Pokemon yellow and it is quite irrelevant to the storline if there was one. If you mean a HM named waterfall...i think your on the wrong game, only pearl and diamond have waterfall HM...i think. There are only 5 HM's in Pokemon Yellow Flash, Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength.

How do i get surf in Pokemon - Lightning Yellow Version?

hm suft is in the secret house at the back end of the safari zone

Can two Pokemon learn surf in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Surf is a HM so you can teach it to multiple pokemon.

How do you train bibarrel to surf in Pokemon platnium?

teach it the HM surf

Where you can get surf in Pokemon psychic?

with TM and hm's