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Mewtwo, yes, if you have a FireRed or LeafGreen with Mewtwo.

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Q: On Pokemon ruby can you trade your Pokemon for mew and mew two?
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Where do you get mew two in ruby?


How do you catch Mew in Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot catch Mew in "Pokémon Ruby."or you can get mew-two in fire red or leaf green.

How do you get two starter Pokemon on Pokemon ruby?


How do you get rarest Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

i never played Pokemon fire red but the rarest Pokemon IN fire red is obviously mew ... who ever wrote that is an idiot ... the rarest Pokemon is mewtwo ... mew can not be obtained in fire red ... and you get mew two by getting the ruby and Sapphire and then you go to cerlean cave to get mew two after u have completed the E4 and have gotten the ruby and Sapphire ... i hoped i helped

Where can you find mew two in Pokemon gold?

You have to trade it from RBY

After you beat mew two what do you do?

train your Pokemon or battle and trade with freinds.

How two trade Pokemon form ruby to fire red?

get the ruby and sapphire

How do you get mew two dimand?

You can't. You will have to either a) Migrate from Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, Fire red or leaf green or b) Hack or trade with someone who has done so. B)

How can you get mew and mew two on ruby?

You can't get mew and mew2 on ruby. You can get them on leaf green. In ruby you can get rayqazza and groudon. i think you can get mews data in your pokedex to trade trhough the old sea map and be able to request it on trades you'll need a wireless adapter though ;P

What do you need to trade Pokemon from Pokemon ruby to Pokemon ruby?

You'll need Pokemon ruby. If you mean ruby to sapphire, then you'll need both games, two gba's, and a link cable.

Where can you find a mew-two on Pokemon Tower Defence?

you cant get a mewtwo but you can get it if you trade

How do you get mew on your pokedex in FireRed?

There is only two ways to obtain Mew in Pokemon Fire red. 1. Use a cheatcode 2. Trade Mew from the Pokemon game called Emerald.