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You cant get the wall jumping shoes until you get the stomping shoes in Holaska then you find the jumping shoes in Spagonia.

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Q: On sonic unleashed were do you get the wall jumping shoes?
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Where do you get wall jumping shoes in Sonic Unleashed?

You get them from Spagonia in the Gaia Gate. Explore a bit and you should be able to find them.

In sonic unleashed Xbox 360 where and how do you get light speed shoes?

you get the light speed shoes in Chun-Nan, and you can get the wall jumping shoes in Spagonia!not! the light speed shoes is in Shamer!

In Sonic Unleashed how do you get to the flying shoes?

After getting the wall jump shoes go to Chun-nan during the daytime and wall jump to reach the mid-air boost shoes.

How do you wall jump in sonic unleashed?

you know what Ireall dont care about sonic

How do you wall jump on sonic unleashed?

You need to find the right shoes. In the Xbox 360 version they're in Spagonia's Entrance Stage, but you can't get them until you have the shoes that let you stomp. THEY'RE in Holoska. I don't know about the other platforms.

How do you climb wall on sonic unleashed ps3 game?

press o or jump then press o

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