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you should get rid of swords dance on your infernape... kinda a useless move.... i beat platinum w/ 4 badges :D

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Q: Pokemon Diamond Is this a OK Pokemon Team?
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How do you find a move that reduce defense in Pokemon diamond?

Ok that is impossible.

What is the first password of team fusion lab in Pokemon?


Is this a good Pokemon team for battling on diamond?

I don't know because you didn't type in a team

Where is the second team Galaxy Base in Pokemon diamond?

== == Vielstone town

What do you do after you free the lake Pokemon from team galactic HQ in diamond?


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Where do you find the key to team plasmas hideout in diamond?

Ok first of all Team Plasma isn't in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. Second of all what idiot told you Team Plasma is in Pokemon Diamond?

What are the Pokemon team in Pokemon Diamond?

Both Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have Team Galactic as the main antagonist team.

Can you join team rocket on Pokemon Diamond?

You can't join team rocket in Pokemon diamond. Actually team rocket is not on the game

Can anyone rate your Pokemon Diamond team Infernape Roserade Gastrodon Honchkrow Luxray?

no ,you can't get your team rated in pokemon diamond

Is this a good Dragon team for Pokemon Diamond?


Is there a new cheat Pokemon diamond in r4?

no sorry ok?

Can you jion team galactic in Pokemon Pearl?

You may not join Team Galactic in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond.

Do Trainers in Diamond have Shiny Pokemon?

Yes, the truth is that in all Pokemon games (ok not Pokemon yellow or crystal)

How do you find a move that reduce defense in Pokemon diamond?

Ok that is impossible.

Can you trade from blue resque team to Pokemon diamond?


Can you trade Pokemon on blue rescue team to diamond?


Where do you find team galitic on Pokemon diamond?

In Jubilife.