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I can be considered all or none of these.

Also, one could argue that all man made art is in a sense, psychology by default.

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Q: Science fiction is really a work of A romance B fantasy C psychology?
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What genre is 'The Hunger Games'?

Science fiction, adventure, romance, young adult, fantasy and dystopian.

What are the various themes for story writing?

Horror Fiction Non-Fiction Fantasy Romance Adventure Science-Fiction Action

Types of genre?

There is romance, realistic fiction, mystery/suspense, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, fairy tales, myths, and poetry.

What are the types of genres?

== ==

What mangas are there?

Science Fiction, Romance, Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Comedy, Drama, etc

What is genre fiction?

A genre is a category of literary composition characterized by a particular style, form or content. Fiction genres include romance, mystery and Science Fiction.

Types of novels?

There are many types of novels. The different types include, fiction, non fiction, romance, biography, autobiography, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and western.

Is the book eclipse science fiction?

Which book "Eclipse"? Which author? There are more than one book called "Eclipse".

What does science fiction exclude?

Some would say that science fiction excludes fantasy but Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Science fiction authors have mixed science fiction with all other forms of literature. There are science fiction lyrics to songs, science fiction poetry, science fiction mixed with humor, science fiction mixed with westerns, science fiction mixed with romance.

What genres in writing are there?

There are 22 literary genres. Some of the most popular include Action. Crime, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, and Science Fiction.

Story clock and dagger is a spy story science fiction or romance?

it is a science fiction

Is Breaking Dawn a science fantasy novel?

I would say a fantasy Romance