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Q: Today Emily Has driven 180 miles in 4 hours Tomorrow she wants to drive 275 miles Approximately how many hours should Emily plan to drive tomorrow if she drives at the same rate?
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What turns the Distributor on a 1992 Dodge Dakota 3.9 V6?

The oil pump drive gear, which is driven by the camshaft, drives the distributor.The oil pump drive gear, which is driven by the camshaft, drives the distributor.

What drives a turbocharger?

A turbocharger is driven by the energy in the exhaust gasses from the engine.

What is the engine that drives atmospheric circulation?

The engine that drives atmospheric circulation is the sun - which provides the energy for the circulation.

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With a rudder on shaft- driven propellers, and on stern drives and outboards the propeller is swivelled, as are jet drives. Or just with a steering wheel.

What drives the solar magnetic cycle?

The solar magnetic cycle is driven by the magnetic flux.

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What is the present perfect tense of Debbie drives an old Toyota?

Debbie has driven an old Toyota.

How do you identify a motor and a generator without operation?

a motor drives something a generator is driven by something

What drives the oil pump on a 4.7 v8 dodge?

Is sits around of the front of the crankshaft and is driven by it.

What are the tenses of drive?

Future - Will drive Present - Drive, Drives, Driving Past - Driven, Drove

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Primarily, Nemco Motorsports' cars are driven by its owner, Joe Nemechek.