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The cast of In Prison My Whole Life - 2007 includes: Noam Chomsky as himself Mos Def as himself Snoop Dogg as himself Steve Earle as himself Will Francome as himself Boots Riley as himself Russell Simmons as himself Alice Walker as herself Howard Zinn as himself

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The cast of In the Penal Colony - 2006 includes: Erhan Aktas as Victim Burcu Aktas as Victim Rachelle Benzce as Explorer Tamer Degirmenci as Victim Olena Demydas as Victim Alphan Erdemir as Victim Tuba Erdemir as Victim Umit Eseryel as Father Ege Eseryel as Son Balazs Hollosy as Condemned man Manuela Poli as Victim Steve Rankine as Officer Eran Schwartz as Soldier Gunseli Tunc as Victim

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The cast of The Colony - 2005 includes: Michael McKernan as Historian Jack Thompson

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in In the Penal Colony - 2006?
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