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Q: What album was Iron Man on?
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When did Black Sabbath write the song 'Iron Man'?

The song Iron Man was a single from the album Paranoid. The song was released with the album on September 18, 1970.

What album is Iron man - Ozzy Osbourne on?

Iron Man is on the album Paranoid - Black Sabbath because Ozzy wrote and performed that song originally with Black Sabbath.

When was Black Sabbath by Iron Man released?

Iron Man was a song from the second Black Sabbath album released. It was released in September of 1970. It was a track included on the album titled Paranoid.

From what year is the song Iron Man from Black Sabbath?

Album = Paranoid. Year = 1970.

What was iron maidens first album?

Iron Maiden was the bands first ever album

Did Black Sabbath write the 'Iron Man' song?

Yes, they did. It appeared on their second album Paranoid.

Did Black Sabbath do Iron Man the song?

Yes. It's on their second album, 1970's Paranoid.

When was On the Edge - Iron Fire album - created?

On the Edge - Iron Fire album - was created in 2001.

When was Iron Fist - album - created?

Iron Fist - album - was created on 1982-04-17.

When was Killers - Iron Maiden album - created?

Killers - Iron Maiden album - was created in 1919-11.

What is the latest iron maiden album?

The latest Iron Maiden Album is - The Book of Souls. It was released in 2015.

What was the name of the first album by Ghostface Killah?

The first album by Ghostface Killah was Iron Man in 1996. The next album released by Ghostface Killah was Supreme Clientele in 2000 which was popular in the hip-hop scene.

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