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Q: What are Blue tang adaptations?
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What are some adaptoins the blue tang fish has?

Along with common fish adaptations like fins and gills, the blue tang (and all tangs) have a spike on the caudal peduncle (base of the tail) used for defence.

What are blue tage fish adaptation?

If you mean the blue tang. Then adaptations of that would be the sharp spines on his sides for defense. Gills of course so he can breath under water.

What type of fish is dori in finding nemo?

Dory is a Blue Tang fish.See Related Links below for a real blue tang fish.

What do blue tangs to do?

The Blue Tang changes colors as it matures.

Does the blue tang migrate?

The Blue Tang does not migrate. It lives on the reefs and eats algae.

What is a powder blue tang?

a powder blue tang is a saltwater fish, it is also known as a powder blue surgeon fish. if you have seen Finding Nemo, this fish is the same thing as Dori. Actually dori is called a hippo or blue tang, and is not at all the same as a powder blue tang.

What animal eats blue tang?

Thankfully, The Tang Does Not Have Predators.

What is the latin name of the blue tang fish?

The latin name of the blue tang is Paracanthurus Hepatus.The latin name of the Atlantic blue tang fish is Acanthurus coeruleus.

What color are young blue tang fish?

They are bluish with a hint of tang!!

How did the blue tang get its name?

"tang" refers to the sharp spines on the fish's tail, and blue is of course its main coloring.

What kind of fish was dory in finding nemo?

Paracanthurus hepatus (Pacific blue tang)

Common name for blue tang?

There are two species, in two different genera, called "blue tang." The Atlantic blue tang is in the genus Acanthurus (species, Acanthurus coeruleus). The blue tang native to the Pacific and Indian Oceans is in the genus Paracanthurus (species Paracanthurus hepatus). This is the one that is more popular as a marine aquarium fish. It is also called the regal tang, blue surgeonfish, hippo tang, palette surgeonfish, or flagtail surgeonfish. Both of these blue tangs are in the family Acanthuridae, the surgeonfishes. For more information: