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When the Methodists began to grow, they started grouping themselves into class meetings. Classes joined together into societies and these groups bound together under the name "United Societies" Some of the leadership came to John Wesley and asked him what the moral teachings at these class meetings should be. He gave them three ideas which became the General Rules. The long and short forms of these rules asre still found in the United Methodist Book of Discipline (2004). These are the three General Rules (my own condensed version) As evidence of a desire for salvation, persons who attend the United Societies should behave as follows First, by doing no harm or any kind of evil Second, by doing good, all kinds of mercy and doing all the good you can Thirdly, by attending upon the ordinances of God, (worship, Communion, prayer, Bible study, Christian Conferencing etc)

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Q: What are John Wesley's General Rules for moral living?
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