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"Hopes" can change day to day, or remain the same for years or decades, whether it is a hope of one, or a hope of an entire society. As beauty pageant contestants often end their speeches, "I hope for world peace."

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Q: What are hopes for your future?
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What does Jessica Ennis hopes in the future?

she hopes that in the futer she can go horse riding

Explain how nazi propoganganda stirred hopes of a better future?

because it created a lot of hopes.

Who are the hopes of the fatherland and why?

the hopes of the fatherland are the youth because in the near future they are the one who wil serve our country.

What are knights hopes for the future?

you'd have to be 1 to know

What are Cheryl Cole's hopes for the future?

You would have to ask her that, we can not answer for her.

How do you spell hope in plural form?

The plural form of the noun 'hope' is hopes.Example: I have many hopes for my future.

What are the hopes for the future of the white tigers?

I think a white tigers future should be away from extinction .

What are a knight hopes of the future in the middle ages?

og cush

What are Nelson Mandela's hopes for the future?

Nelson mandela's future is that,he whant south africa to be come more successful in life and in future

Who do you call person who hopes the future will be bright?

Optimistic. Hopeful. Happy.

What is the act of using money in the hopes of making a future profit?


What does it mean when i am dream my girlfriend and me together in my dreams?

This dream is not prophetic; it does not foretell anything about the future. Rather, it expresses the hopes and emotions of the dreamer. Assuming the dreamer hopes to be together with his girlfriend in the future, these are wish-fulfillment dreams.