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Q: What are otto brantenbergs paintings selling for?
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What was Primary income for Rembrandt?

Selling his paintings.

What is the marketing value of paintings?

The marketing value of paintings depends on the artist, the number of paintings that are available, and the market you are selling too. Paintings can range from $10 to millions of dollars depending on these factors.

WHAT DID otto mueller PAINT?

Click link below for some of his works. Click the titles and see the paintings!

What was M.C. Escher's best selling painting?

He did not do paintings. He did graphic work.

Did Vincent van Gogh have a hard time selling his paintings?


When Edward Hopper had trouble selling paintings he switched to what popular medium?


How did Grandma Moses become famous?

her discovery started at a drugstore selling her paintings.

Where can one buy Indian paintings online?

Indian paintings can be purchased from websites specializing in selling them, such as Indian Art Hub and Indian Paintings Online. One can also purchase Indian paintings from online mega-retailers such as Amazon.

Are Pierre-Auguste Renoir's paintings still selling?

Sometimes one is sold at auction.

Where can you buy postcards of famous artist paintings?

Buying Postcards of PaintingsWhy buy postcards when u can afford to buy online - real original paintings? There are several web sites selling reproductions.

What has the author Ron Shuebrook written?

Ron Shuebrook has written: 'Felicity Redgrave, night/spaces' -- subject(s): Exhibitions 'New paintings by Otto Rogers'

Did Edgar Degas sell any of his work?

Yes he had much money after selling some artwork.