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Q: What are round topped hills?
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What are small flat-topped hills found in the Southwest called?


Who invented the round-topped jukebox?

loius glass

What was the name of the two small hills at Gettysburg?

The hills were called Big Round Top and Little Round Top and are the most famous of the hills at Gettysburg.

Flat-topped areas are built into the sides of steep hills and mountains to grow crops?

are known as terraces.

Where is the location of the crankshaft position sensor on a 1994 Plymouth Laser?

It's on the left hand side of the valve cover. big round thing. It's either silver topped, green topped, or black topped.

What is a good sentence with the word wigwam?

A wigwam is usually round-topped. The wigwam beckons, as I am sleepy.

What is a sentence for taiga?

The lowland ( taiga ) in the east comprises a plain with flat-topped hills covered by taiga vegetation with large open areas.

Why are winding roads build on hills?

It is the hills that force road-builders to go round to avoid very steep slopes.

What is a sentence for the word topped?

She topped the ice cream with sprinkles.He topped himself last week.

The difference between mountain and hill?

Mountain are tall and pointed while hills are short and round.

Are their forests in Greece?

Yes there are forests in Grece, one slightly famous one is the forests round the hills of kronos. the hills of kronos were the first ever olympic site.

What is a broad flat-topped land form with steep sides called?

Flat topped hills or rock formations with steep walls on all sides are called a mesa. See the related links for more information. A plateau is a large ( as in many square miles), extended area, that is higher than the surrounding land