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I like the name Star

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Q: What are some cute teen anime girl names?
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What are some names of inappropriate anime?

Boku no Pico

Does anyone have some Japanese names for a girl and boy for the anime I'm writing?

Here's a site for baby names, this is the A-Z of Japanese names. It also shows the meaning which I think will by useful to you.

Will super-dreadnought girl 4946 ever become an anime?

Maybe some day.

Are the animes are fairytale?

some anime have fantasies in it but those kinds of anime have a deeper meaning than princess fairytales. the graphics of anime is much more cute,awesome,fearsom,delicate and better than fairytales. there is one anime that is named fairy tail though, but that anime is not about fairytales its about strong friend ship :3 I'm sure omce you watch anime you'll love it!

What are some cute group names for best friends?

pretty qirl swaqq ent. or ....... beauty chickz.......

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What is some cute names for a baby girl?


What are some cute two part girl names?

I like the names Lola and Lily.

What are some cute girl names for club penguin?

If you have any girl avatar names just post them below:melonbarchocolateluvi love you

Can you give me some cool anime girl names?

Miki. It means beautiful tree.

What are some cute names for yorkie?

princess, ruby, bow,sweetie,cutie pie that is if its a girl

What is a cute playful and small name for a girl puppy?

1. bell 2. misty 3. lucie those are some names for a girl puppy that is a cute or playful name

What are some cute 14 year old girl names?

I think Angela or kate r good

What are cute Irish names for boys and girls?

Some cute Irish names for boys are Finn, Declan, Liam, and Seamus. For girls, you might consider names like Saoirse, Niamh, Maeve, and Ciara.

What are some cute names for a boy and a girl webkinz oriole?

some cute names are pinky pie scruff Ryan Gabriella sally rosie Eddie panny duncan lola lilly princess chi chi molly

What are some names for the cotton candy bunny webkinz?

Here are a couple cute names: Girl: Sweetie, Cookie, and other girl names Boy: Hoppy, Jumpy, and othere boy names

What are some anime shows with no fighting in them?

There are a lot of anime that have slight violence but not so much until you see all the internal organs... Some romantic and comedy anime where a guy chases a girl will show some violence including the guy nosebleeds or he say something wrong and get beats up by girl. They are quite cute actually...There are probably some non-violent ones but usually they are not so popular. Try sports anime,Recomand you some anime (contain some little violence)baka to test (school life/studies)eyeshield 21 (sports)

What are the names of some anime websites?