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Q: What are the duties of a Verger?
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What is the birth name of Pierre Verger?

Pierre Verger's birth name is Pierre Edouard Leopold Verger.

When did François Verger die?

François Verger died in 2001.

When was François Verger born?

François Verger was born in 1911.

What is El Verger's population?

El Verger's population is 4,847.

What is the population of Le Verger?

Le Verger's population is 1,539.

When was Jean-Louis Verger born?

Jean-Louis Verger was born in 1826.

What is the area of El Verger?

The area of El Verger is 8,160,000.0 square meters.

What is Oisy-le-Verger's population?

Oisy-le-Verger's population is 1,297.

When was Giovanni Battista Verger born?

Giovanni Battista Verger was born in 1796.

What is the area of Le Verger?

The area of Le Verger is 6,870,000.0 square meters.

When did Pierre Edouard Leopold Verger die?

Pierre Edouard Leopold Verger died in 1996.

What is the population of Saint-Quentin-le-Verger?

Saint-Quentin-le-Verger's population is 114.