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Q: What are the hobbies Anju Bobby George?
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What is anju bobby George famous for?


Who got ezhuthachan award in 2009?

anju bobby george.

What is the position attained by anju bobby george in Athens Olympics in women long jump?

Anju Bobby George of India finished 5th in women's long jump at the 2004 Summer Games in Athens. Her best jump was 6.83 meters.

Who was Indian to reach the final of an event in 2005 world athletics championship.?

Anju Bobby George

Who was the the first Indian women athlete ever to win a medal in a World Athletics Championship?

Anju Bobby George

Winner of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna AWARD in 2003?

For 2002-2003 it was Anjali Ved Pathak Bhagwat and K.M. Beenamol, and for 2003-2004 it was Anju Bobby George.

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What is Bobby George's birthday?

Bobby George was born on December 16, 1945.

When was Bobby George born?

Bobby George was born on December 16, 1945.

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How do you write the name anju in urdu?

Anju =انجو

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