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Q: What are the similarities between Frankenstein's monster and the machines of the Industrial RevolutionAsk us anything?
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What are some industrial products in china?

almost anything

What are the Similarities between basic and visual basic?

"Basic" isn´t anything!!

Did Robert fulton have to do anything with the Industrial Revolution?

Robert Fulton created the steamboat, before the Industrial Revolution. He died in 1815 which was before the industrial revolution was at its peak.

How industrialism is important?

Industrial hygiene is important for the safety of the workers as well as the populations surrounding them as well as the industrial area. Industrial hygiene could be anything from monitoring dust particles to air pressure.

What is industrial scales?

That could be anything. You have not given enough information to look up an answer.

Is there anything like the old the bakery restaurant in Chicagoland area?

yes post office has striking similarities

What are the similarities and practices that ancient Egypt has in common with the US Today?

NOTHING! Have anything in the brain? Seems hallow to me.

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Yes, western civilisation, the age of empires, the industrial revolution.

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What are the similarities between robots and computers?

a man can do anything but a computer need an operating system to work and give it commands

The industrial revolution increased the power and wealth of?

it did not increase the power of anything, the industrial revolution harnessed the power of steam. :) :) :) by abbie mcalpine