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arcee, jailmaster, ironhide, chromia

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Q: What auto bots get hit by missiles in transformers 2?
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Where can you watch transformers revenge of the fallen for free online?

well go to hit

Does Sideswipe die in Transformers 3?

No. Well he doesn't die but he does get hit pretty badly by shockwave.

How do you get the alspark from megetron ds transformers?

I had trouble with this as well. You have to hit his back about 3-5 times and he will drop it. Grab the Allpark and smash it to Megatrons chest. Your character will die and you will play as Optimus to then defeat Megatron

How to save game in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

i will auto save, and you will automatically see a cauldren at the top right corner of the screen. or you can pause the game and hit save and quit and that will save it from the last autosave

How many hits does it take to destroy the death egg robot in Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

i takes about 7-8 hits to defeat. but be very careful with the arms, try and hit the robot when its arms are parralel to each other, and hit above them (this is easier to do as tails, because he can jump higher than sonic) but when it drops down at you (target marker on floor) move only a little bit to the side of it when its locked on, then when it lands, it will bend over slightly, allowing you to hit it for a bonus hit. but once you've done that...RUN! beacause as soon as it's standing straight again, it will fire it's arms, like missiles, but if your on the opposite side of the room, the won't reach (presumably the are still attach to a reel) but, in short, avoid the arms, and hit it at the highest point you can reach. good luck!

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Where is the recon helicopter in transformers autobots for ds?

on your third visit to tranquility get your threat level to three or four if neccesary. recon choppers should flying around. the recon choppers shoot missiles so you might get hit while scanning it. therfore it is a fairly hard veichle to scan.

In transformers autobot for ds how do you get the allspark from magatron?

hit him in the back and will drop the allspark

How do you beat megatron on transformers autobots ds?

what you do is you go behind megatron and keep on pressing a button. but then you have to do that five times for him to drop the allspark. then grab the all spark and hit him with it then your person dies and optiums prime takes over then just shoot missiles at him and doge his blast and walla you beat the game

Where can you watch transformers revenge of the fallen for free online?

well go to hit

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How popular are Transformers games at the moment?

The Transformers games are currently doing fairly well in term of popularity, due to the recent movies which were box office hits. With Transformers 3 about to come out, I would predict that these toys would be a big hit.

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If your little one is interested in Transformers, it shouldn't be difficult to choose the perfect gift for him or her. There are a lot of Transformers toys out there, and there are also movies that are a big hit with many children. Transformers games also make wonderful gifts. There are plenty of Transformers games to choose from, and you shouldn't have a difficult time finding Transformers games that are appropriate for your child's interests and age group. You can even purchase Transformers games for the computer or for all of the major video gaming consoles, making it easy to find the perfect Transformers games for your little ones.

How do you defeat Brawl in transformers autobots?

the little green tanks you pick those up and hit him with them.

How do you defeat starscream in transformers decepticons?

you hit him in the back until he drops the alspark and then press a when your facing him

Does Sideswipe die in Transformers 3?

No. Well he doesn't die but he does get hit pretty badly by shockwave.

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