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Q: What battles did Omar bin AL-Khattab fight in?
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When was Abdullah Bin Omar born?

Abdullah Bin Omar was born on 1958-06-28.

What nicknames does Omar Bin Haider go by?

Omar Bin Haider goes by Mr. BinHaider, and Omz.

When was Mahmoud Omar Mohammed Bin Atef born?

Mahmoud Omar Mohammed Bin Atef was born in 1980.

When did Said Ali bin Said Omar of Grande Comore die?

Said Ali bin Said Omar of Grande Comore died in 1916.

What are the release dates for Fark TV - 2007 Omar Bin Laden?

Fark TV - 2007 Omar Bin Laden was released on: USA: 12 January 2008

When was Omar Hayssam born?

Zahar Omar Hamis Bin Hamdoun was born on 1979-11-13.

Who translated the Guru Granth Sahib?

Omar bin mohamd

What has the author Pangeran Osman bin Omar written?

Pangeran Osman bin Omar has written: 'Dusun custom in Putatan District' -- subject(s): Customary law, Dusun Law

Where osama bin laden born?

Osama bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Why did syed Omar bin ali ajunied come to Singapore?

Syed Omar Bin Ali Aljunied came to Singapore to help in his uncle's trading business.He traded in goods such as spices and textiles.

What did syed Omar bin aljunied work as?

He works as a arab trader

Who was the first to order hadith to be recorded?

Omar bin al-khatab