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Stimulate their sensors, feed them, make them dance, play games, talk to other Furbies, and much, much more.

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Q: What can you do with a furby?
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What are the cheats for furby?

It's easy. Just plug in your SNES controller into the Furby's mouth and punch in up up donw left right left right b a start. Then your Furby will know English completely and will do your chores for you.

Are furby's still popular?

This response was written in 2009. Furbys are no longer popular as of today. In fact it is very hard to find them. The only luck I've had was looking on eBay and

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Is a furby boom better than a furby?

Furby boom is better than a furby because a furby boom can do more things than a furby

When was the Furby created?

-1998 original furby 2005 emote tronic furby 2006 funky furby and emote tronic furby now the cycle ends

Who is the cutiest furby?

the gizmo furby

Which one is bigger furby boom or 2012 furby?

the furby boom is bigger the n the furby 2012 I don't know why though

In the Philippines How much is a Furby?

furby boom

What is the Difference between a Furby and a Furby Baby?

a furby baby acts more like a baby

Is there such thing as furby?

A Furby is a toy so it does exist.

Are the Furby Boom Diagonal Stripes really the same as the original Furby?

The Furby Boom Diagonal Stripes is structurally and physically similar to the original Furby. What makes the Furby Boom Diagonal Stripes different from the original Furby is the patterns on the newer version and the wider variety of colors available.

Where can you find a Furby instruction guide?

There are several websites that provide Furby instructions. One is the Furby Wiki. Another is called Furby Manual. See Related Links for links to websites with Furby instructions.

Why can't a furby give birth?

A Furby can't give birth. It's a toy.

How do you get your furby and a friends furby to intreract?

Put them close together.

Does it matter if a furby is in a smoking home?

Its just a furby... NOT A CHILD