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Q: What carol has the words awakes gathered laid and tonight in it?
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What Christmas carol has the words Mary's child?

The carol MARY'S BOY CHILD has the words mary's child in it.

Song words i need you tonight baby tonight?

Is it by Amerie??

What is the difference between the words gathered and clustered?

Not much one is an action & one more of a formation. You gathered berries, cars were clustered in the lot.

Christmas carol first words fts?

Frosty the snowman

What are the first three words of A Christmas Carol?

"Marley was dead"

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What carol has words tis the season to be jolly?

Deck The Halls

Is tonight a compound word?

Yes because to and night are words.

What are the release dates for Star Tonight - 1955 Cross-Words 1-21?

Star Tonight - 1955 Cross-Words 1-21 was released on: USA: 23 June 1955

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What is the song with the words if you can't love me forever then just love me tonight?

The song is called Just love me tonight by Touch of Class

Who wrote the words to Silent Night the Christmas carol?

Joseph Mohr wrote the words, music by Franz Gruber