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A Sapphire blue not to hard but not to light.

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Her eyes are blue.

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Q: What color are actress Ryan Newman's eyes?
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What color are Brenda Songs the actress eyes?

Brenda has brown eyes.

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ryan sheckles eyes are a blue-ish/green-ish color. they are hard to tell. why dont you ask him.

What color is Drew Ryan scott's eyes?

He has blue,green and brown eyes

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i think they are green but i also think his eyes change colors

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Ryan Reynolds eyes are brown. Not a light brown more of a dark, chocolate color.

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well she wears makeup often and it really brings out her beautiful eyes

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Joanna Crawford's eye re the color brown. Joanna was a famous actress.

What is actress Ryan Newman's personality?

On IMDb it says this about Ryan Newman: "A vivacious young actress with spirit, sparkle and an intellect far beyond her years..." Totally! I couldn't say it better myself! Ryan Newman (Zeke and Luther) Is wise for her age, pretty, smart, and a great actress. She is so pretty she doesn't need makeup! Her eyes sparkle and are so pretty!