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Dwayne Johnson played football before entering the WWF. He played in high school and college.

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Q: What did Dwayne Johnson due before enterting pro wrestling?
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Did Dwayne Johnson play for the Pittsburgh in the NFL?

Dwayne Johnson never played in the NFL.

What is the rocks name before he changed it?

Dwayne Douglas Johnson

Has Dwayne Johnson Ever Played A Bad Guy Before?

Dwayne Johnson played a bad guy in the film Faster, though he typically plays good guys. In Faster he was a bank robber.

Was Dwayne Johnson on the Calgary stampeders roster?

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was a member of the 1995 Grey Cup runner-up Calgary Stampeders for four games on the practice squad that season before being released.

Where can I buy a copy of Dwayne Johnson's workout DVD?

You can buy a copy of Dwayne Johnson's workout DVD at Amazon. com for 12. 99 dollars. It is available now and if you want to buy grab yourself a copy as soon as possible before its too late.

When did Dwayne Johnson get a matai?

If I remember correctly, in a documentary about WrestleMania 19 it was shown when he got it a while before his match. WrestleMania 19 was in 2003 so that's when.

Were there any wrestling shows before WWF and WWE?

yeah it was stampede wrestling

What was the name before world wrestling federation?

World Wide Wrestling Federation.

What does ECW stand for?

Extreme Championsip Wrestling ^ before that it was Eastern Championship Wrestling

Where was sting before he was in tna?

Sting was with the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) and WCW (World Championship Wrestling) before he joined TNA

Is there any pro wrestling that isn't predetermined?

It is all predetermined about 3 days before,the only wrestling that is not predetermined is amateur wrestling.

What is W.W.E.?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. It is a company that, strangely enough, uses wrestling matches as a form of entertainment. The wrestlers are highly trained and develop considerable personas in the ring with signature moves, friendships and rivalries, all of which adds to the excitement. wwe is world wide wrestling and practically u wrestle in there WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, is an entertainment company that primarily engages in professional wrestling.

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