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Henry Beck (AKA Harry Beck) introduced the present London Underground Tube map in 1931. More information on Harry Beck is available here:

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London underground tube map

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Q: What did Harry Beck design in 1931?
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When did Harry Beck invent the underground railway?

Created in 1931 Harry Beck invented the iconic London Underground (tube) map in 1931 - not the underground railway.

Why did harry chales beck invent the London underground?

Henry Charles Beck (Harry Beck), invented the iconic, topological London Underground map in 1931 while working as a draughtsman for London Underground. It was a spare time project and not part of his job description.

Who designed the iconic London tube map?

Harry Beck in 1931. He created the style we know today. Earlier maps were made based on layovers of geographical road maps and prior to his map, they were put together by Underground Electric Railways Company of London Limited so there were many people in on the originals but Harry Beck made the easy to use one we all know today.

What type of maps do not have a scale?

Schematic maps. The iconic example is the map of the London Underground, designed by Harry Beck in 1931.

When was Ernie Beck born?

Ernie Beck was born on 1931-12-11.

When was Ray Beck born?

Ray Beck was born on 1931-03-17.

What was harry beck famous for?

According to his wikipedia article he is best known for his creation of the London underground (subway) map.

What nicknames does Jay Harry Beck go by?

Jay Harry Beck goes by Jay Bird.

How tall is Jay Harry Beck?

Eric Jay Beck is 5' 11".

When did GΓΌnther Beck von Mannagetta und Lerchenau die?

Günther Beck von Mannagetta und Lerchenau died in 1931.

What is the link Thomas Beckett London underground?

Thomas Beckett has ties to King Henry II. Perhaps you are asking about Harry Beck who in 1931 developed the style of tube map we use today

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