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Barry Humphries is an Australian author and comedian. He is known for his individual characters, like Dame Edna Everage, in his comedy bits.

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some where in Australia

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Q: What did barry humphries do?
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What is the birth name of Barry Humphries?

Barry Humphries's birth name is Humphries, John Barry.

When was Barry Humphries born?

Barry Humphries was born on February 17, 1934.

What is Barry Humphries's birthday?

Barry Humphries was born on February 17, 1934.

How old is Barry Humphries?

Barry Humphries is 77 years old (birthdate: February 17, 1934).

What has the author Barry Humphries written?

Barry Humphries has written: 'My gorgeous life' -- subject(s): Characters

Where was Barry Humphries born?

Comedian Barry Humphries (born February 17, 1934) was born and raised in the suburb of Camberwell in Melbourne, Australia.

Who painted dane edna?

Barry Humphries

Who played Brus in Finding Nemo?

Barry Humphries

Who voiced the shark in Finding Nemo?

Barry Humphries .

What actors and actresses appeared in The Barry Humphries Show - 1976?

The cast of The Barry Humphries Show - 1976 includes: Joan Bakewell Catherine Boyle Susan Engel Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage Madeleine Orr as Madge Allsop Margaret Powell as herself Betty Turner

Is Dame Edna a male or female?

Dame Edna is a character which is a girl that is played by comedian , Barry Humphries who is boy

Does Barry Humphries have any brothers or sisters?

he is an only child