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he didnt do much he sat and had tea

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Q: What did black kettle do during his life?
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What tribe did Black Kettle belong too?

Black Kettle belonged to the Cheyenne tribe.

Is a black kettle better than a white one?

A black kettle is preferred in the kitchen or camping, since it retains more heat than a white kettle.

How do you use the word kettle in a sentence?

I would like to examine that kettle of fish.The kettle is black, I say!

When was Black Kettle National Grassland - Oklahoma - created?

Black Kettle National Grassland - Oklahoma - was created in 1960.

Was Black Kettle a Choctaw chief?

what was the American Indian Nation led by Cheif Black Kettle called

What school did black kettle go too?

Black kettle went too same same jr high school

Which kettle would cool down faster a black shiny kettle or a shiny metallic kettle?

shiny because its cool when after boiled also the black wouldnt cool as it attracts heat.

What is the area of Black Kettle National Grassland Oklahoma?

The area of Black Kettle National Grassland - Oklahoma - is 126.667 square kilometers.

Who killed chief black kettle in 1868?

Chief Black Kettle's camp was attached by Major General George A. Custer and the Seventh Calvary. There Black Kettle and his wife was killed along with many others on 1868 at the Washita River.

How much is a 35 gallon antique black butchering kettle cast worth?

value of 35 gal black cast iron kettle

Can you show Austin Dabney facts?

Austin Dabney was the only black soldier to fight during the Battle of Kettle Creek He was badly wounded during the Battle. Giles Harris, a white soldier, took him home to care for him. Dabney worked for the Harris' family for the rest of his life

What does 'don't let the pot call the kettle black' mean?

"The pot is calling the kettle black" is an expression used when the accuser is as guilty as the accused, referring to the fact that both pots and kettles are black. If a rigid person suggests that another person is being "inflexible," that is the pot calling the kettle black.