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Q: What did captain webb do?
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How did captain Matthew webb die?

Captain Matthew Webb died by attempting to swim Niagra Falls. He dived and smashed his head on jagged rocks.

Did captain Matthew webb have a sister or was he married to Mary webb?

Captain Matthew Webb was the uncle to Henry Webb, who married the author Mary Webb, nee Mary Gladys Meredith. Henry also had a sister, Mary, whose married A.N.S. Shelley, Esq. and so was known in her adult life as Mary Shelley. AND HE WAS MY GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDAD NO LIE IM AM NOT A LIAR :D X

Where did captain Matthew webb die?

In Niagara - did in a whirlpool trying to cross from Canada to the US

Was there a tv show called captain midnight?

Yes. It ran 1954-1958. Stars Richard Webb.

When was Jim Webb Sings Jim Webb created?

"Jim Webb Sings Jim Webb" is a studio album released by musician and politician Jim Webb in 2010.

Is pinky webb older than hubert webb?

Hubert Webb is older than Pinky Webb.

Who are the parents of Charley Webb?

Bob Webb and Bobbete Webb i think :)

Where is the Webb Public Library in Webb located?

The address of the Webb Public Library is: 124 Main St, Webb, 51366 0097

What is the birth name of Courtney Webb?

Courtney Webb's birth name is Laura Webb.

What is the birth name of Kaye Webb?

Kaye Webb's birth name is Kathleen Webb.

What nicknames does Lizzie Webb go by?

Lizzie Webb goes by "Mad" Lizzie Webb.

What is the birth name of Rita Webb?

Rita Webb's birth name is Olive Webb.