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She goes to the "feast" in the arena, and grabs the backpack with medicine in it.

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Q: What do katniss have to do to get the medicine for Peeta's arm?
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What does katniss need in the Hunger Games?

Medicine for Peetas leg.

What act of kindness does Peetas dad show to Katniss?

Peetas dad have gave Katniss cookies.

How did katniss first treat peetas leg?

she doesn't "leach" peeatas wound she washes it out then puts the medicine she got for her burns on his wound

What does Peeta Mellark and Katniss equal?

Peeta and Katniss is Penis or Peetas Kats

How does Katniss feel about saving peetas life with medicine?

Katnis feels like she is a hero and she loved Peet’s

Why aren't katniss and Peetas brothers not friends in hunger games?

neither of them have brothers

Do you agree with katniss interpretation of peetas words?

No, because she thinks Peeta is a niggling chigger.

What does katniss realize about peetas actions in the game?

She notices that he was betraying her for a moment cause he was sticking to the careers side . Then he gets to like katniss the end

Who were Peetas dad in the first book?

He is the Seam's baker, brought Katniss cookies before they left for the Games, and fell in love with Katniss's mother when they were younger

What is the noise that interrupts Katniss and Peetas conversation in the hunger games?

the blast of a cannon that means a tribute died

How does the public view katniss and Peeta after Peetas confession?

They view them as star-crossed lovers. Hope this helped (:

What are some ups and downs in the book Hunger Games?

ups> peeta finally gets to be with katniss, katniss and peeta win the hunger games downs> katniss broke peetas heart, the capitol wants katniss and peeta dead