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Trina Braxton's husband is a software developer or does something in the IT field.

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Q: What does Trina Braxton's husband Gabe Solis do for a living?
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Does Trina Braxton Solis and her Husband Gabe Solis have any children?

No. She has two kids from previous relationships.

Is Trina braxton married and to who?

She is married to Gabriel Solis a Mexican-Amerucan.

Who is trina's husband?

Not married.

Who discovered Trina and where was she at?

Trina was discovered by Trick Daddy. She was living in Miami, Florida at that time in college.

Who is Trina's husband in Eastenders?

Trina is married to Lucas Johnson, although they have been separated for several years. They have a son together called Jordan.

Who is Trinas husband on eastenders?

Trina's husband is Lucas. They have a son together called Jordan. Trina did not live with Jordan and Lucas and is now dead. Lucas is currently trying to keep himself away from the police and not be detected as he pushed Trina accidentally onto a rake which pierced her neck and killed her.

How old are the Braxtons?

The Braxtons are Toni Braxton and her 4 sisters, who formed a group from 1989 to 1998, from 2010 to 2012, and again in 2015. Toni Braxton - born October 7, 1967 Traci Braxton - born April 2, 1971 Towanda Braxton - born September 18, 1973 Trina Braxton - born December 3, 1974 Tamar Braxton - born March 17, 1977

Trina braxton's first husband?

well if you must know, LOOK IT UP SOMEWHERE ELSE

What month was Trina born in?

Trina who?

Who did Trina have a baby with?

Trina has no children.

What is the birth name of Trina Braxton?

Trina Braxton's birth name is Trina Evette Braxton.

What is the birth name of Trina Koning?

Trina Koning's birth name is Trina Koning.