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The balance of good and evil the person has

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Q: What does that red and blue bar mean on Soul Calibur 3 in Create a Soul?
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What does it mean when your soul gadge is glowing white soul calibur 4?

It means your soul gauge is at it's maximum. that's a good thing, then you can use skills and block quite some attacks.

What does B plus K mean on Soul Calibur 4?

B is verrtical attack and K is kick. press both at same time

On my soul calibur 4 ps3 instuction booklet it says to do certain moves that i have to press G-A and things like that what does it mean?

Please help me im stuck on the game and also is there any cheats for the game to unlcok the things in create a cjaracter?

Can you unlock collosus in soul calibur?

I assume you mean the colossus you fight in the event modes of SCIII. no, but we can only dream. that would be such a fun (though highly unfair) playable character.

What does a blue line mean on the map of soul silver?

It might indicate a water route. Can you be more specific?

Can you play soul calibur 2 online?

as online if u mean with other people around the world than no but if u mean play the game on ur computer than yes. but only if u own the game and use an emulator and get the ROM (don't do it) cause than it is illegal :O

Does Ba mean soul?

Ba does mean soul

What does 'soul-stirring joy' mean?

it mean that it is soul but it is stirring in joys

What do you do after the 7th gym in soul?

Go to the 8th which is Blue, hes in viridian city.. but if you mean in the jhoto region than you have to go to mahagony town i believe.

Does an atom have a soul?

you mean 'soul', like spirit?it's not even living so it has no soul

What does mi solo de sole mean in Spanish?

My one and only soul or Soul of my soul?

What is the value of a NEF break action single shot rem 238 calibur?

There is no Remington 238 caliber, If you mean .223, about $250, depending on condition.

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