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Answer:In A Poached Ego, Team Rocket found a poacher holding a herd of Ekans and Koffing captive in Hoenn. After freeing them, James and Jessie reluctantly ordered Arbok and Weezing to stay in the wild and guard their fellow Pokémon. Answer:

Heres a better explanation, I just watched it so its vividly in my mind.

Meowth found a cage full with Ekans, he tried to free them but it was rigged with electricity, Arbok cried upon seeing his fellow Ekans (Arbok was once an ekans) in pain, so they tried to free them but the cage was immune to poison moves, and Arbok and Weezing are poison Pokemon, the poacher came back with a cage full of Koffin, which as you know, Weezing once a Koffin, so Weezing cried upon seeing them in pain, the poacher used his Pokemon to easily beat the team, then a herd of Beedrill started chasing them, a Cacneya saved them and James fed it then they ran off to find the poacher, with Cacneya looking at them with eager eyes. Arbok used Dig to appear in front the car, and Weezing followed up with smoke screen, then Meowth tried to open the cage claiming its nothing compared to Pikachu's thunderbolt, which he is used too, the poacher used Gust to clear the smoke screen, saw Mewoth and tried to use Drill Peck on Mewoth, but Arbok hit it with a headbutt instead. Meowth opened the cage and let the Pokemon out, with enough speed, they made Ferrow (the poacher's Pokemon) hit the cage, and shocked it. Then he used his other Pokemon, which evovled into Tyranatar easily. They ordered Arbok and Weezing to take their fellow Pokemon and run away, and not to look back, they refused but were forced to leave, with tears in their eyes. They turned back and watched Jessie, James and Meowth get owned, then finally left, crying, along with the other Pokemon who were very sad and remorseful for leaving the trainers who saved them to get destroyed.

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Q: What happened to Jessie's arbok?
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