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So far i have not come to an exact conclusion about what happens to Philip at the end of Stranger Tides, but i do have some theories about it. At the end i cannot make out exactly what he says to Serena but it sounds as if he says he was wrong in his faith and all he wants and needs is her forgiveness. Earlier in the movie it is said that a kiss from a mermaid allows you to breathe underwater, but then you are eaten before you can make any use of that. What I assumed happened is that he kissed her and can now live with her underwater and she can heal his wound. He may or may not become a "merman" because also in the movie they say all mermaids are female, but this could be because no man has even been fallen in love with instead of eaten. Another theory is that instead of living underwater Philip and Serena swim to the land that the fountain of youth was on and they live there together. This is possible because Serena popped up there with the chalices after Philip releases her. But my main guess is that the writers are simply wanting us to wonder until the next one comes out.

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I think the Mermaid names Syrena in Pirates 4, turns Philip the Missionary into a Merman.

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Q: What happened to the pastor and mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean 4?
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