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Q: What is Gordon house?
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When was Breckenridge-Gordon House created?

Breckenridge-Gordon House was created in 1905.

What parish is george William Gordon from?

the gordon house

When was Benjamin Gordon Baldwin House created?

Benjamin Gordon Baldwin House was created in 1861.

Who is Wayne Gordon to Juliette Gordon Low?

The Wayne-Gordon house is so named because the person who had the house built was James Moore Wayne, the mayor of Savannah at the time. James Moore Wayne sold the house in 1831 to his niece, Sarah Stites Anderson Gordon and her husband, William Washington Gordon I. William Washington Gordon II and his wife, Eleanor (Nellie) Kinzie Gordon, moved into the house after their marriage in 1857 to help his mother, Sarah, with the expenses of maintaining the house. Juliette Gordon Low was born in the Wayne-Gordon house in 1860 and her wedding reception was held there in 1886.

What is the phone number of the Gordon House Conservancy in Silverton Oregon?

The phone number of the Gordon House Conservancy is: 503-874-6006.

What actors and actresses appeared in Art House - 2015?

The cast of Art House - 2015 includes: Alastair Gordon as Alastair Gordon

Where is the Gordon House Conservancy in Silverton Oregon located?

The address of the Gordon House Conservancy is: Po Box 1207, Silverton, OR 97381-0056

What is the name of Jamaica's House of Parliament?

George William Gordon House

Is Zachary Gordon's House big?


Where is the House Of Gordon Usa in Greenville California located?

The address of the House Of Gordon Usa is: 7 Ladbroke Road, Greenville, CA 91311-5533

Who was house of parliament name after?

George William Gordon

What has the author James Gordon Terry written?

James Gordon Terry has written: 'The 182 deeds of Birstall Preaching House' -- subject(s): Birstall Preaching House