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Samwise Gamgee is Frodo Baggins' gardener at Bag End.

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Q: What is Sam's job at Bag End?
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Samwise Gamgee is Frodo Baggins' gardener at Bag End.gardener

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What is Sam's job at Bag End in the movie Lord of the Rings?

He was the Bagginses' gardener as his father was before him.

What is Samwise Gamgee's job at Bag End?

Samwise Gamgee is the gardener for the Baggins family as his father before him was.

What is Frodo's property called?

His property in Hobbiton is called Bag End.

What is Bilbo's home called?

He lived in Bag End, which was in Hobbiton in the Shire.

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Bilbo Baggins' home is named Bag End.

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