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Q: What is The Watson go to birmrngham?
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What nicknames does Carlton Watson go by?

Carlton Watson goes by Carly.

What nicknames does Rebekah Watson go by?

Rebekah Watson goes by Becks.

What nicknames does Tarvis Watson go by?

Tarvis Watson goes by Tarv.

What nicknames does Tristan Watson go by?

Tristan Watson goes by Scooter.

What nicknames does Austin Watson go by?

Austin Watson goes by Consequences Creed.

What nicknames does Bethany Watson go by?

Bethany Watson goes by Bebe, and Betty.

What nicknames does Giovanni Watson go by?

Giovanni Watson goes by Cornbread, and Gino.

What nicknames did Bobs Watson go by?

Bobs Watson went by The Crybaby of Hollywood.

What nicknames does Benjamin Charles Watson go by?

Benjamin Charles Watson goes by Junior.

What nicknames did Coy Watson go by?

Coy Watson went by Coy, and The Keystone Kid.

Who did Bubba Watson marry?

Yes, Bubba Watson married to Angie Watson in 2004

What college does Emma Watson go to?

Emma Watson attends Brown University in The United States.