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A good nickname for Zekrom would be "Black Dragon".

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Then u. Not worthy cuz Thor is (BRINGMETHANOS!!!!!!)

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Q: What is a good nickname for Zekrom?
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Is zekrom good or bad?

Zekrom is bad... if you saw the movie zekrom does bad with N and victini, Ash, pikachu, and Reshiram are trying to stop N and Zekrom from destroying victini's home and from moving dragon tower

What legendary Pokemon can you get in Pokemon White?

on black you get Reshiram, on white you get Zekrom Zekrom-good Rashiram-bad

What Pokemon cards do you get from the Zekrom theme deck?

I wouldn't want to spoil it! All i will say is that Zekrom is in the deck and a few other good Pokemon ;) ;)

Does Zekrom evolve?

Zekrom does not evolve.

What is better a Zekrom or a Arceus?


Who will win zekrom or Lucario?


Is zekrom evil?

They are making 2 movies with victini, one black the other white.Reshiram and Zekrom are both heroes and evils in the 2 movies.In the one where Zekrom is the hero Zekrom saves reshiram from dying in the purple flames, but reshiram doesn't even say thank you, while in the movie with reshiram as the hero, reshiram lets Zekrom meet a terrible fate in the purple flames.That is total proof that Zekrom's a hero and not evil at all, while reshiram is evil, it reminds me of demons. Zekrom is such a hero.He let's technology grow, who knows if pokéballs will exsist without him, while reshiram contributes to global warming making forest fires, and wasting air, using fire.So, Zekrom is not evil 1 bit. He's a hero, while Reshiram, is evil.She's very evil.So Zekrom's a hero, not evil.

Is nan a good nickname for Hannah?

If you like 'Nan' as a nickname, then yes, it is a good nickname.

Who is better zekrom or Zoroark?

Zekrom he is a legendary

Who is stronger Zekrom or Reshiram?

Zekrom is stronger,however it also depends on the trainer.

Can you get a zekrom and a Reshiram in Pokemon White?

No, only a Zekrom

IS cornflake a good nickname?

A good nickname for what? Sounds a bit pansy